/ˌɪnkən'vɜ:təb(ə)l/ adjective
referring to currency which cannot be easily converted into other currencies

Dictionary of banking and finance. 2015.

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  • inconvertible — [ ɛ̃kɔ̃vɛrtibl ] adj. • 1546; de 1. in et convertible 1 ♦ Vx ou didact. Qu on ne peut convertir à une religion, une doctrine. « la protestante inconvertible » (Sainte Beuve). 2 ♦ Fin. Qu on ne peut convertir, échanger contre une monnaie, contre… …   Encyclopédie Universelle

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  • inconvertible — UK US /ˌɪnkənˈvɜːtɪbl/ adjective ► ECONOMICS unable to be changed into gold, another currency, or another type of investment: »A large part of this amount was locked up in inconvertible securities …   Financial and business terms

  • inconvertible — [in΄kən vʉrt′ə bəl] adj. [LL(Ec) inconvertibilis] that cannot be converted; that cannot be changed or exchanged [paper money that is inconvertible into silver] inconvertibility n …   English World dictionary

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  • inconvertible currency — UK US noun [C] ► ECONOMICS a currency that cannot be changed into another: »The two clans ran the province with iron fists, even controlling the economy by issuing their own inconvertible currency …   Financial and business terms

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